for all Common Rail Diesel Motoren

adjustable Power up to 25% HP, Torque +30% Nm max.

The PowerBox CR works by modifying the electronic signals that control fuel pressure produced by the pump in order to optimize engine performance. The PowerBox CR increases fuel pressure at the pump to maintain rail pressure in the mid to upper operating ranges. In effect, pressure accumulates faster in the rail and is readily maintained to deliver more power and torque. The PowerBox CR engages when rail pressure is at or above 1,600 bar or 23,000 psi.

The PowerBox CR includes plugs that are compatible with those originally installed in your vehicle. The PowerBox CR is easily installed directly to the common rail pressure sensor. With the instructions provided, an inexperienced driver can complete the installation in 5 minutes. The PowerBox CR will not override the safe operating parameters of your engine and does not change or interfere with ECU functioning. Other features are highlighted in the product overview below.

Product Overview

  • For all cars with Common Rail Systems
  • Up to 25% increase in power and 30% increase in torque
  • Improved fuel efficiency (an average of 2.5 MPG!)
  • No interference to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU); original settings are not altered
  • Will not harm your engine, does not increase injection pressure
  • Can be installed by use of original plugs (no soldering required)
  • Will not alter engine diagnostics functioning, will not interfere with engine error code sensing
  • Does not change the service intervals required for your vehicle
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Illustrated installation instructions included